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For-Hire Animal Transport Company Links, Home Visit Groups for Rescues 


Volunteer Transport Groups 

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Here are some For-Hire transport options: 


Always ask if there is a rescue rate lower than the normal fee and always ask for prior customer's references, their phone numbers, etc.  Sadly, there are some bad people out there and recent customer's recommendations are critical.  


We have no way to recommend any except those we have first hand knowledge of or by word of mouth from other rescues.



1. Got Orphans Transport For Rescue Groups & Adopters - Recommended:


Got Orphans Transport transports dogs for rescue groups, for adopters that adopt from a rescue group or adopt from a shelter/humane society and need transport for that dog. We begin in Arkansas then come through Tennessee then on to Virginia, etc. 81 North and 80 East. We go to the New England area, New York and some surrounding states.  We can do pick ups and drop offs along the way and also coming back. Got Orphans Transport is licensed with the Dept of Agriculture.  We have our cell phone with us during transport if anyone needs to call us.  We have a new express van with windows, heat and air conditioner, the dogs can see and hear us at all times and we can check on any dog at anytime without having to stop the van. 

If there is an emergency, the sender of the dog will be contacted and the dog will be taken to a veterinarian clinic or emergency clinic depending on time and day in route. Each dog is taken out for walks, fed and given water all during transport. Transport departs on Thursday and arrives in New England on Saturday. Call or email to make reservations. Do not hesitate to call or email to ask any questions or transport cost and requirements for dogs to travel on transport. We look forward to hearing from you. 

We too are in rescue and do understand the importance of safety and care of a rescued or adopted dog during transport. We have references upon request. We are also willing to go to other areas of the United States if we can have a full van to be able to do the transport. 

Contact info, Greg Roe with Got Orphans Transport at, or Gregory Roe or 501.960.3605.  Again thank you. Got Orphans Transport. Greg Roe and Betty Danley



2. One Eyed Jack Dog Transport Recommended:


They are doing transport every week. If any of you have a dog in need to get to their forever home this week please let Nancy or Lou know e-mail: or call at (615) 793-0026 home or (615) 424-0238 cell. 


Usually the forever families pay for transport. Please call Nancy for details.

Nancy and Lou are animal lovers that will make sure the pets will travel a safe and at ease while they get to their forever destination. They will stop for potty breaks and water throughout the transport and will make sure the crates are clean and comfortable. 

They will be traveling EAST, SOUTH, NORTH and WEST. Please let them know a few days in advance. Please get health certificates for all the dogs who need to travel and vet records. If you don't have the time to get health ceritifcates let Nancy and Lou know and they might be able to get them for you.


Nancy and Lou are Directors from SPCA of Tennessee

Celina Weissenborn 
Founder & President
(615) 832-5125
(615) 714-1878 




3. PETS Recommended:


3701 Long Lane, Cookeville, TN 38506.
Cell phones for the Petersons are: Kyle - 615-218-1589 and Pam - 615-491-0162

They transport a repetitive route normal from Memphis to Knoxville, up I81 and on into the Northeast.  Call for additional info.

4. Happy Tails Travel, Inc. (door-to-door): 


Happy Tails Travel will assist you with all the necessary details and logistics of your pet's move.  Our goal is a hassle-free, worry-free, safe journey for your pet. All pet moving and pet shipping services related to pet air travel and animal transportation are available.

5. Linderland Stage Pet Transport Service (door-to-door):   Linderland Stage is a door to door small animal delivery service traveling the 48 states. We offer personal hands on care to your dogs, puppies, cats, or kittens.

AATA Animal Transportation Association for AATA Resource Referrals and help with an animal transportation problem. and for referrals:



7. Companion Air:

Companion Air is the first airline created specifically for pets and their owners. We fly very safe and reliable jet-prop aircraft so that we can operate out of small local airports, fly high and fast, and provide a roomy, executive class interior. The use of more, smaller aircraft allow us to provide services much more broadly and at a more reasonable cost. During peak times we may supplement our fleet but the Companion Air fleet is comprised of new aircraft purchased and configured for Companion Air, our Pets and owners.

8. Sky Ark Animal Airlift from Georgia to Pennsylvania: and
Sky Ark offers free animal air transport for service, companion and rescued animals. Sky Ark has helped quite a number of rescued animals since its first flight back in May 2003. Mission pilots who need flight time donate mission fees and aviation fuel, which reduces some of the costs.

Flights cost an average of one dollar a mile. Since Sky Ark flies twin-engine planes, they are able to transport quite a few animals at the same time, unlike on commercial flights where only two animals can go on in-cabin flights. 

9. Pet Air:  Pet Air offers express counter to counter air freight service to assist in rescue placements. We service over 150 airports with the USA. Discounted rates for documented rescue shipments.  For more information visit our web site at or give us a call toll free at (877) 359-7387, Monday - Friday, 8:30 am - 4:30 PM CT.

Pet Air
1527 Grand Blvd.
Kansas City, MO 64106
(816) 471-2412
Toll Free (877) 359-7387 M-F 8:30am - 4:30pm CT
Fax (816) 842-7387
Email flypetair@yahoo.Com

10. The Flying Paws organization is 'Wings of Hope' for companion animals (dogs, cats, birds, small exotics, rabbits and other small animals) and those who care for them. Our volunteers combine the wonderful worlds of flying and animal rescue to help animal friends in need. The mission of Flying Paws is to provide fast air transportation for special needs animals from rescue groups, fosters, or shelters to a recover NO KILL foster,
Shelter or forever home.

11. Here is a gentleman who can transport animals via car:
Jim Coleman, CA.  Cell 626-705-5376 , home 818-768-5558






Here are some lists on which you may find some excellent resources for transport by volunteer coordinators and transport volunteers.  These are especially helpful to rescue organizations and shelters, probably much more so than for individuals.  Be sure you know who you're dealing with and check them out carefully.  Get references.


Be SURE to plan well ahead in asking these groups for help.  It takes time to make the necessary arrangements:



The Nationwide Interstate Yahoo List



PetTransportList National Pet Transport List

We are an ALL VOLUNTARY Rescue Group! Helping Animals Get RIDES from Shelters and Rescues to Rescues, Fosters and Forever Homes.



Overtheroadtransit Over The Road Animal Transit

This is a transport group to help our furry friends get to rescue/foster/or forever homes. All transport posts must state beginning and ending point and health records must accompany all animals transported. All must be spayed and neutered if going to a forever home. We try to help with: Shelter pulls, home visits, a ride to foster care or forever homes. 



GAATransport Guardian Angel Animal Transport

We are a national transport group dedicated to helping our fur-friends as well as any animal or critter get to their rescue, foster or forever home. This group is for transports only.




The purpose of this list is to support pet rescue and transport by having one place to post foster home and home visit needs. There are so many transport lists already, they are all so overwhelmed, that posting this information on them runs the risk of being inadvertently overlooked. By having one place to post these needs or desires to help, we hope to avoid missing ANYONE!!!!. Once you have signed up for the list, go to the database section and sign up on one or ALL of our contact lists. We want to make it as easy as possible for the coordinators to find you when they need you, or for you to be able to help someone in your area in need.



OnTheRoadAgain On The Road Again

On the Road Again is an animal transport group dedicated to aiding rescue animals in moving to their forever/foster homes. We combine over-the-road truck drivers and personal vehicle transporters for quicker and more efficient transport of our furkids.

This list is for pets in need, especially puppy-mill dogs, to get to their forever homes.

Operation Roger
Truckers Pet Transportation

Provided by Commercial Truck Drivers
uniting together to reunite pet owners with their pets.
We are working together to help transport pets to their owners' new locations.

"Operation Roger" was founded by truck driver, Classy Lady, in September 2005 after Hurricane Katrina left many animals homeless and separated from their owners.



Dog Rescue Railroad

 This is a place to post your transportation needs.


 Our main purpose is for the transportation of special needs, older, and/or abused animals, however we will never turn away any animal that needs to get somewhere.


 Open to members of all transport/rescue groups, this forum is for dog rescuers to request and coordinate shelter pulls, foster-care, home visits and transport within California, Oregon, Washing and B.C. regions.


 The purpose of this group is to help in arranging transport, to provide support for "Animal Angels" who need it in this stressful duty, and to help in finding animals of all sorts a happy loving home or foster home.

Pet Travel

 This is a list where you can post if you are trying to set up transportation for an animal.

Rolling Rescue

 Rolling Rescue is a place for rescues needing transport and transport volunteers to find each other Our mission is to recruit truckers, RVers, commuters, and anyone else who travels to the network to help move rescued animals to safety in a rescue or from a rescue to their new adoptive homes.

Dalmatian Overland Transport Service Sign-up Form

All Breed Rescue

 This list is to find volunteers to pull dogs from shelters or foster or keep them overnight for transportation and to transport dogs anywhere from to 50 - 100 miles per leg.



 This list is for assisting rescues and shelters in finding drivers to take dogs to rescue/forever homes.



 We are a group comprised of Rescuers who transport, Transporters who rescue, or Big Hearted Animal Loving volunteers willing to help with both.


Brachycephalic (Short-Nosed) Dog Breeds Extra care is required when the following breeds are shipped because they often have hereditary respiratory problems. These animals are susceptible to increased risk of heat stroke and breathing problems when exposed to stress or extreme heat:

American Staffordshire Terrier
Boston Terrier
Brussels Griffin
Bull Terrier
Dutch Pug
English Bulldog
English Toy Spaniel
French Bulldog
Japanese Chin
Japanese Pug
Shih Tzu
Staffordshire Bull Terrier


Here is an Addition Page with Interstate Transport help Information Including Yahoo Groups

Transport Help