We no longer do adoptions, fostering or intakes from Florida. Please visit BTRFL's website here.

A 501 (c)(3) dedicated to helping Boston Terriers in the South & beyond.

Thank you for your interest in adopting from Boston Terrier Rescue of East Tennessee ("BTRET"). Please read the following:

NOTICE TO FLORIDA RESIDENTS: We no longer adopt to this state. Please visit BTRFL's website here instead. Thank you for your understanding.

Be prepared to take 30+ minutes to complete this application

Use a computer - NOT a smartphone - for this application. Using a smartphone may cause us to not receive your application.

Failure to fill in questions completely may result in delay or decline of your application.

If you adopted from our rescue in the past, please contact your regional coordinator/e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Read the following adoption policies BEFORE filling out the application:


1. I understand I must be at least 26 years old to adopt. An exception can be made by BTRET.

2. I understand I may be required to provide photo ID with my current address.

3. I understand everyone in my home must agree to wanting to adopt a dog.

4. I understand I must be able to provide my landlord’s written consent, if applicable.

5. I understand BTRET may refuse the placement of any dog for any reason. Likewise, I understand if I choose a specific dog for whom to apply, BTRET cannot guarantee s/he will be available for adoption as s/he may have other application pending or may not be the right fit for my home.

6. I give permission for BTRET and its affiliates to investigate and confirm all information I have provided.

7. I understand that, upon submission, this form becomes the property of BTRET and can be shared with other rescue organizations.

8. I respect BTRET's opinion of its dogs, including if a dog is not good with children and/or other pets. Likewise, I understand if in the future a child would visit my home, I will keep the dog completely separate from the child during the visit for the safety of the child and the dog. We have these conditions in memory of Kipper, a dog who was euthanized by his family after he was abused by their child. Read our "Tough on Kids: Kipper's Story" here.

9. I understand I will be responsible for transport or picking up my new dog if I am approved for adoption.

10. I understand if I smoke inside my home, I will not be allowed to adopt from BTRET. Dogs can get lung and other types of cancer from second hand smoke.

11. I understand BTRET is limited in the information it receives about a dog's past, including its "bite history." If you are filling out this application as a foster, please be sure to have personal medical insurance in the unlikely event that you would receive a bite. Insurance is a requirement for fostering.

12. I understand the cost of adoption does not completely cover the total cost of the dog’s veterinary care, food and other expenses provided by BTRET. I will not ask for a discount. I may make an additional donation toward other dogs who are old, sick or otherwise unadoptable. 

13. I understand the dog will be spayed/neutered prior to adoption unless there are extraordinary circumstances. Veterinary or other costs incurred after adoption will be my sole responsibility unless previously agreed upon with BTRET. Adopters are expected to avail themselves to the free 30 day insurance offered.

14. I understand BTRET cannot guarantee the breed of any dog and all dogs listed on its site are identified to the best of its knowledge based on the dog’s physical attributes and any history provided. 

15. I understand I must pay the $20 application fee at the end of this form for my application to be reviewed. Fosters do not need to pay the fee. I understand that, if approved, this fee will not be applied to my adoption fee.  Further, should I apply as a foster and decide to adopt before fostering for at least 6 month, the application fee will be added to the adoption fee.

16. I understand that if approved, I will be required to sign a legally binding and enforced contract to protect the dog, BTRET, and me. 

17. I agree no person in my home suffers from allergies or asthma related to dogs.

18. I will not allow the dog to exceed more than six (6) hours without the ability to urinate as doing so can lead to bladder cancer. Exception may be made if I'm willing to hire a dog sitter or use piddle pads. 

19. I agree to provide the time necessary for training, medical treatment, care, cost and companionship for the dog. I will keep this dog on heart worm preventative as well.

20. I understand I will not be considered for adoption if any dog in my home is not spayed/neutered. I understand there may be specific exceptions to this, such as if the dog is too old or ill to be safely altered, or a dog is too young to be altered, but has an active confirmed appointment to be neutered at my veterinarian. These will be examined on a case by case basis. Likewise, I understand all animals in my home must be free of contagious diseases.

21. I understand I am to maintain contact with BTRET post-adoption regarding the dog's health and well-being. 

22. I understand I may not sell, give away or in any way transfer ownership of the dog. If I can no longer keep the dog, it is my responsibility to return the dog to BTRET. 

23. I will read the dog's expressions and emotional signs, and will refrain from kissing the dog on the head or waking the dog while s/he is sleeping. In both cases, the human I will likely be bitten. I can read more about this on the BTRET website under Resources.

24. I understand that aside from pairing a physical (wooden or otherwise) fence with an invisible/electric fence, invincible/electric fences are not acceptable. These can be useful for dogs who jump/climb over fences, or dig underneath them, but otherwise are insufficient. They do not stop other animals from coming into the "fenced" area, and dying batteries will allow a dog to get out. 

25. I understand that, if approved, I will not put my newly adopted dog in danger with another dog. Boston Terriers are small dogs with large dog personalities, and if they fight with big dogs, they'll surely lose. I will not ask BTRET to place a Boston Terrier in a potentially dangerous situation.

26. I understand if I’m approved I must keep the new dog away from other pets in the home aside from supervised visits until the pets are comfortable with each other, which could take several weeks.

You can read our Adoption Agreement in advance of adopting here.

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