We no longer do adoptions, fostering or intakes from Florida. Please visit BTRFL's website here.

A 501 (c)(3) dedicated to helping Boston Terriers in the South & beyond.

With more than a decade of experience in rescuing animals, we've seen some heartbreaking things. Animals who have been neglected, abused and forgotten are just a few of the types we like to help, which is why we're tough on our adoption standards. Our goal is to find these dogs the happiest home of their lives - forever. That means we'll be picky about putting them in the best situation for their needs.

And we're looking out for you, too. We don't want to set up adopters to fail, which is why we may suggest another dog, or even another breed, for your next furry companion. We do this out of love for the dogs we've spent the energy and resources saving. We can't let them down.

Oftentimes we insist dogs do not go home to families with small children. We rarely adopt to families with children ages 6 and under, and only consider families with older children on a case-by-case basis.

Many of the dogs we accept into rescue are here because they've already had bad experiences with young children, some dumped at kill shelters through no fault of their own.

We remember this in memory of Kipper, a 2.5 year old Boston who was severely abused at the hands of a child, and then euthanized by his "family." Little Kipper bit because the children dislocated his legs not once, but twice. As a result of fear and pain, he bit them. He's dead now because of parental negligence. 

The behaviors of small children that aren't corrected by some parents can be shocking. Small children can't be expected to know that a dog can feel intimidated by them, or recognize the warning signs the dog will give before biting.  And a dog will bite out of fear, or because it's been hurt. That's what happened to little Kipper.

This is our policy on placing Bostons in homes with young children. In spite of what many breeders and pet stores will have you believe, Pure Bred Bostons often do not do well with younger children though many of the larger mixes do very well.

Please keep in mind that above all, it's our job is to do what's best for the dog. We will not place a dog at risk of euthanasia because it's bitten a small child defending itself.

To learn more, read How Dogs and Kids Should Interact and How Dogs and Kids Should Not Interact.